Tax law

LexCase’s Tax Department advises French and foreign businesses, as well as individuals, in two main areas:

  • Long-term financing
  • Operational management of a business

Long-term financing: creating, developing and transferring a business

LexCase assists businesses, their executives and their shareholders with the development and restructuring of their company.

Expertise :

  • Development and restructuring of family-owned groups: mergers and acquisitions, OBO
  • Transfer of businesses
  • Optimization of compensation and asset management
  • Support for investment funds: due diligence, structuring of equity acquisition and the financing thereof, management packages

Fiscal management of a business: optimizing and safeguarding the company’s operations

LexCase has acquired specific expertise in the daily fiscal management of businesses, a key activity, in particular for international groups.

Expertise :

  • Analyzing, optimizing and securing the effective tax rate: tax planning, transfer price documentation
  • Support for businesses in their discussions and negotiations with the tax authorities in France and abroad (applications for tax rulings, tax audits, etc.)
  • Consulting services for French groups to open entities abroad, and for foreign groups to open entities in France: choice of the host structure, financing, distribution and repatriation of revenues, application of international tax treaties
  • Analysis of VAT from national/international transactions


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.