Insurance Law

LexCase partners with LOYER AVOCATS to provide legal advice and assistance, including representation before the courts, in the field of Insurance Law.

The Insurance Law team is headed by a specialist lawyer in this field; and advises businesses, self-employed professionals and individuals.


The firm gives advice in the following areas:

  • Insurance for liability for loss or damage to property owned by businesses and individuals caused by: Fire, industrial risks, serial loss risks, natural disasters, construction project risks, professional liability, automobile and transport risks, loss of business, new risks: cyber, political and reputational risks.
  • Insurance of person covering accidents, invalidity, health and life insurance; whether taken out individually or collectively: loan insurance, health & provident insurance, life insurance, medical liability, personal injury.


The firm provides technical legal advice for complex project based and strategic decision-making, audits of insurance policies, and compliance for contracts.


The extensive knowledge and experience of the firm in the field of insurance law enable it to propose focused solutions to settle disputes before the issue of legal proceedings. Our lawyers are able to negotiate, and conclude, final settlements agreed by all parties in full confidentiality.


The firm represents its clients in proceedings before the civil, criminal and administrative courts in relation to liability claims in the field of insurance law, both at first instance and on appeal.

We have particular expertise in complex high value claims. In urgent cases, we are able to assess the best strategy with the client for the immediate preservation and protection of its interests. Legal proceeding are taken after first determining the client’s objectives; and how to best control costs and economic consequences.

Where the cause of an insured event cannot be immediately determined, the firm will apply to court for the appointment of an expert on the court’s list of approved experts, in order to enable the technical causes and liabilities to be determined, for the amount of loss and damage, cost of repairs, loss of business, as well as additional loss & expense, to be assessed.

Where appropriate, the firm can take the necessary action to recover loss suffered by the client following an insured event.


Our insurance team also proposes training sessions for in-house lawyers (whatever their level of experience) through LEXFORMATION, LexCase’s dedicated training organisation.




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