Real Estate Law

The Real Estate Law team, committed and responsive, provides advice and litigation assistance. It has established experience in the practice of legal appraisals and mediation.

It works alongside companies and individuals, adapting to their needs and their requirements for competence and responsiveness.



  • Commercial, derogatory and professional leases:
  • Drafting of letters of intent and contracts
  • Advice and litigation related to the application or contestation of commercial leases’ status: renewal, revision, eviction, termination
  • Setting of revised or renewed rents, amicably or judicially
  • Advice and litigation related to the execution of leases and difficulties encountered: works, destination, charges, etc.
  • Advice and litigation concerning BEFAs, emphyteutic leases and construction leases,
  • Residential leases:
  • Leases’ drafting and assistance in their management: dismissals, formal notices, payment orders, etc.
  • Advice and management in litigations related to the execution, renewal and termination of leases and to rent limits and/or caps
  • Litigation assistance concerning short-term furnished rentals (Airbnb type) and possible change of use issues
  • Follow-up of eviction cases of occupants without right or title and squatters
  • Construction and real estate development:
  • Drafting, advice and litigation assistance related to works contracts, project management, subcontracting, assistance to the project owner, delegated project management, general contractor
  • Drafting, advice and litigation assistance related to VEFA, CCMI and forward sales
  • Legal structuring of development projects and acquisition of plots or buildings to be renovated
  • Preventive referrals, expert appraisals and provision and follow-up of expert appraisals.
  • Litigation at the end of construction sites: final general statement of account, penalties and deductions, lifting of reservations and disorders of guarantees of perfect completion, additional/modifying work, non-payment of invoices…
  • Implementation of legal guarantees and litigation assistance related to constructors’ liability: civil, professional, decennial…
  • Transactions and real estate ownership:
  • Assistance in the negotiation of deeds of sale
  • Advice during the amicable and contentious phases of contractual negotiations: breach of talks, monitoring of suspensive conditions, difficulties in the execution of promises of sale…
  • Pre-emption and expropriation
  • Acquisition audits: ownership, rental and administrative situation, identification of disputes, easements and real rights…
  • Real estate management and co-ownership:
  • Advice to trustees and co-owners, monitoring of disputes: distribution of charges, joint ownership, operation of the syndicate, changes to co-ownership regulations, works…
  • Follow-up of general assemblies: cancellation of resolutions or general assemblies, liability actions…
  • Collection of charges, litigation assistance and implementation of protective measures
  • Co-ownerships in difficulty
  • Advice and litigation assistance related to large complexes and ASL, AFUL…



We provide legal advice, such as contract analysis, audits, consultations and proposals to ensure all compliance needs of contractual documents are met. We advise our clients on a daily basis and assist them in particular to facilitate their decision-making process and strategies for the successful completion of their projects.



We pay particular attention to searching amicable solutions in the event of conflicts, and try to avoid referrals to the competent courts. When appropriate, we resort to amicable dispute resolution methods such as mediation or conciliation. We also take care during this discussion phase to preserve all of our clients’ rights.



We defend the interests of our clients before the civil, criminal and administrative courts, both in first instance and on appeal. Judicial expertise is an integral part of our real estate law practice. We accompany our clients to all meetings and assist them in discussions, particularly technical ones.

Real Estate Law Sector Manager(s)