Non-Profit Associations and Foundations

The Non-Profit Associations and Foundations Department has recognized expertise in legal, tax and employment matters for OSBLs (non-profit organizations) in every sector.

As such, LexCase assists its clients – associations (whether or not they have been recognized as being in the public interest), foundations and corporate foundations – in the following areas:

  • Legal :
    • Creation of an OSBL (association, endowment fund, foundation, corporate foundation)
    • Recurring legal formalities
    • Analysis and structuring of OSBL governance
    • Assistance with financial transparency
    • Restructuring (mergers, spinoff, partial contribution of assets, conversions into affiliates, liquidation, etc.)
    • Legal audits
    • Management of employer relations (employees, volunteers)
      Insolvency proceedings
  • Taxation :
    • Business taxes for OSBLs
    • Asset revenue taxation
    • Conversion into affiliates and segmentation of profit-making activities
    • Assistance with financing and subsidy management for OSBLs
    • Taxation of sponsorships

LexCase also frequently offers training on these topics to members of associations, chartered accountants and statutory auditors.

Non-Profit Associations and Foundations Sector Manager(s)