Our team provides full management services for all of the administrative and regulatory formalities related to business immigration and personal immigration to France, in particular to obtain employment or residence permits and authorizations.

Business immigration

LexCase advises and represents its clients in the private sector (employees and employers) in determining their business immigration strategy for France and helps ensure that an individual’s administrative status in France remains secure and lawful. Our team of lawyers and paralegals obtain the visas, work authorizations and residence permits required for any project that involves foreign workers in France.

Our services:

  • Work authorizations for foreign employees and senior executives
  • Applications for residence permits for France, and French naturalization of foreign employees and senior executives
  • Management of the visa process and applications with French consulates located abroad
  • Visa procedure for artistic, sports and scientific professions
  • Family reunification and other family unification programs in France for senior executives
  • Tax consulting for foreign employees relocated to France
  • Employment law consulting for businesses that hire foreign employees in France


Personal immigration

LexCase advises clients in the private sector in relation to any plan to personally immigrate or take up residency in France. We assist our clients from the choice of the immigration procedure to the obtaining of visas and residence permits for their entire family and in settling into their new life in France.

  • Ensure optimal negotiations regarding your file with the administrative authorities
  • Benefit from specialized legal advice throughout the process with the administrative authorities
  • A team of specialists by your side to answer all of your questions

Our personal immigration services:

  • Applications for residence permits
  • French naturalization procedure
  • Visa process and applications with French consulates located abroad
  • “Talent Passport” permit
  • Family reunification and other family unification programs in France for senior executives
  • Litigation before administrative courts (refusal to grant a residence permit/visa; family reunification refusal; OQTF, the obligation to leave France; deferment; naturalization declined, etc.)
  • Regularization of the status of foreign workers under the “exceptional admission into the country” provision
  • “Private life and family” permit
  • Regularization of the status of spouses of French citizens
  • ”Employee” permit
  • “Temporary worker” permit
  • Permits for “employees under ICT* secondment” and “mobile employees under ICT secondment” (*intra-company transfer)
  • Permits for “ICT interns” and “mobile ICT interns”
  • Permits for “entrepreneurs” and “licensed professionals”
  • “Seasonal worker” permit
  • “Visitor” permit
  • Appeal of an OQTF before the administrative courts


Nationality law

Our teams manage any type of application for naturalization and the reinstatement of French nationality for our foreign clients.

  • Preparation of the naturalization applications for the French authorities
  • Follow-up of the examination of files by the administrative authorities (police prefecture and government ministries)
  • Postponement disputes
  • Appeal of naturalization refusals
  • Consulting services for all types of French naturalization applications


Come to settle, live and work in France? Our team offers administrative and legal assistance in immigration law and the rights of foreigners in France. For more information :


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.