Corporate criminal law

LexCase often acts before criminal courts, during the police or court investigation phase and before every level of the criminal court system.

LexCase assists its clients with all of their corporate criminal law issues, in particular:

  • General criminal and business law:
    • Criminal law related to employment (in particular, occupational accidents)
    • Criminal law related to finances (misappropriation of corporate assets, breach of trust, fraud, forgery, etc.)
    • Criminal law on taxation
    • Criminal law regarding customs
    • Criminal law on transportation and roadways
    • Criminal law regarding the environment
    • Criminal law relative to the press
    • Criminal law on stock markets
  • Support services for executives and/or businesses at every phase of the criminal proceedings, both for plaintiffs and defendants:
    • Preliminary inquiry by the police:
      • Drafting of the complaint/claim
      • Verification that the proceeding is lawful
      • Application as a plaintiff (“partie civile”)
    • Examination by the investigating judge:
      • Assistance during interrogations or examinations with the Investigating Judge (“juge d’instruction”)
      • Preparation of petitions for documents and memoranda for the Investigating Judge
      • Assistance and representation before the Investigation Chamber (“chambre de l’instruction”)
    • Judgment:
      • Assistance before the criminal and police courts
      • Assistance before the criminal chambers (“chambres correctionnelles”) of the Courts of Appeal.


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.

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