Information technology

LexCase provides legal services in all of the sectors relative to information technology and the digital economy, and assists its clients in drafting related contracts as well as any potential litigation.

Computer law

  • Consulting:
    • Drafting and negotiating contracts applicable to Information Technology systems, regardless of the type implemented
    • Agreements regarding development and licensing or transfers/sales (office software, specific software), managed services and maintenance, or third party application maintenance for information systems (ERP, etc.)
    • Agreements relative to the creation of platforms and the integration of IT systems (for consumers, banks, etc.)
    • Agreements regarding the acquisition and use of cloud computing solutions (IaaS, PaaS, Saas)
    • Management of major IT projects: system integration and migration
    • Management of free licenses and open-source licenses
    • Secondary software market
  • Litigation:
    • Assistance and representation for all types of technical litigation

Digital economy

  • Consulting:
    • Drafting of all types of contracts related to the laws governing the internet and e-commerce:
    • Agreements related to website hosting services, servers, design and creation of websites, business portals
    • General terms and conditions of use of e-commerce websites, and for contractualization and dematerialized payment
    • General terms and conditions of e-commerce sales
    • Legal disclaimer and terms
    • Liability of businesses operating on the internet
    • Reputation management (defamation, denigration, identity theft)
    • Validation of user or client clickstreams
    • Audits of e-commerce website compliance with applicable laws (legal disclaimer and terms, consumer rights, sector-specific regulations)
  • Litigation:
    • Consulting, assistance and representation for all types of related proceedings

Telecommunications law

  • Consulting:
    • Applications for licenses and creation of consortiums
    • Litigation and dispute settlement before the ARCEP (the French postal and electronic communications authority)
    • Drafting of contracts with high added value technical content:
    • Provision and sharing of infrastructures and data
    • Network deployment
    • Drafting of general terms and conditions for operators
    • Assistance with the full range of regulatory, contractual and litigation issues encountered by operators of electronic communication services.
  • Litigation:
    • Consulting, assistance and representation for all types of related proceedings


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.


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