Commercial litigation

The firm’s commercial litigation team advises its clients on the most appropriate proceeding for the specific commercial dispute, ensuring that the strategic aspects, rapidity of the solution implemented and chances of success are optimal.

The firm has extensive expertise in the various types of commercial litigation proceedings:

  • Interlocutory (“en référé”) proceedings (emergencies, provision, imminent harm or a manifestly unlawful disruption)
  • Legal expertise
  • A traditional trial on the merits of a case or a proceeding within a brief time frame (“à bref délai”)
  • Enforcement procedures: preventive seizure, mortgage or pledge registration

For its litigation work, LexCase relies on responsive partners present throughout France (local correspondents, bailiffs, etc.) and its own network of foreign partners.

LexCase also frequently appears before civil and commercial courts of first instance and on appeals, and has the tools and capabilities required, in particular, to appear before the Courts of Appeal of Paris and Lyon.

Commercial strategy

LexCase’s litigation team provides its clients with its expertise and assistance:

  • From the prelitigation phase of a case to the determination of the strategy, the preparation and serving of notice, the drafting and sending of summons to negotiate and the negotiation of a settlement to end a dispute
  • Throughout the litigation proceedings, taking into account the progress of the case, to allow for a resolution of the litigation in the best interests of the client.


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.