Competition Law

LexCase has extensive expertise in competition law. Our teams advise businesses on the compatibility of their practices with competition law and provide assistance with proceedings before the Autorité de la Concurrence (the French competition authority) and the courts.

LexCase also provides advisory services with regard to notifications of State aid and of concentrations.

LexCase advises and assists businesses and public entities with regard to competition authorities in the following areas:

  • Antitrust:
    • Abuse of a dominant position (price squeezes, access to essential infrastructures, refusal to sell, discrimination, cross subsidization, etc.)
    • Collusion (exchange of information, market sharing, common pricing policies, etc.)
    • Private enforcement, in collaboration with the Commercial Litigation Department, for compensation of prejudice resulting from anticompetitive or unfair practices
    • Competition audits
    • Drafting and monitoring compliance policies
  • Concentrations:
    • Notifications of concentrations to the Autorité de la Concurrence and the European Commission
    • Drafting of observations of third parties to the concentration
    • Takeovers and acquisition of majority holdings
    • Matters related to the existence of joint control when minority holdings are acquired, in particular by investment funds
  • State aid:
    • Examination of the aid received by businesses
    • Notifications and disputes regarding State aid
    • Definition of the public or general economic interest services, and the funds received for the performance thereof
    • Qualification of all of the benefits of any kind received from the State as State aid.

LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.

Responsable(s) du Département Competition Law