Public transportation

LexCase has acquired specific expertise in the field of public transport, especially with regard to public law and competition law issues.

  • Expertise in public transport of travelers, in particular city and intercity road transportation, railway transportation and ski lifts;
  • Consulting and assistance for organizing authorities or operators with negotiations and the enforcement of public service outsourcing contracts and public transport contracts;
  • Consulting and litigation relative to administrative authorizations (environmental and urban planning) required to create transportation infrastructures;
  • Assistance and consulting relative to the liability of transportation network operators or owners in the event of accidents and damage to public infrastructures;
  • Disputes relative to the conditions under which a monopoly exercises certain transportation activities: terms governing public land occupancy, disputes regarding the conditions under which the monopoly operates (terms of access to an essential infrastructure);
  • Provision of competition law expertise in the case of mergers and cooperation between transportation businesses: merger agent;
  • Rail regulations.


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its platform LexFormation.

Public transportation Sector Manager(s)