Lexcase’s Alpine resort service offering.

LexCase has developed a specific service offering for businesses and public authorities active in the alpine resort sector. This includes the creation, management and operation of ski areas, the installation and layout of various alpine sports infrastructures, as well as zoning and planning regulations.

– Lawyers at Lexcase advise on the following questions:

  • Management and layout of alpine resorts within the scope of zoning & planning regulations, advising developers, concession holders and local authorities on the provisions of legislation on alpine areas, the Tourism Code, Planning Code and Environment Code, (UTN (new tourist units), easements and obligations under the specific legislation applicable to alpine areas…)
  • Preparing and implementing procedures related to land use in mountain areas
  • Public subsidies for infrastructure and sports and cultural events
  • Advice and assistance for ski resort operators and local authorities in connection with audits by the regional Public Audit Office

– Advice and assistance in relation to claims against ski resort operators and public authorities for liability arising out of accidents (e.g. mountain rescue services…)

– Concession agreements for the operation of cable cars, ski and chair lifts, and other skiing and sports infrastructure (such as thermal and aquatic centres (spas) )

  • Drafting and negotiating the agreements with public authorities under applicable public contract procedures
  • Advice and assistance for negotiations between public authorities and operators
  • Determination of pricing and rules for price revision for cable car, ski and chairlift services
  • Ticket receipts sharing agreements between operators
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements in relation to public concession agreements
  • Advice concerning the ownership and use of ski areas

Lexcase has also established an ongoing partnership with four other experienced service providers in the field of alpine tourism, for the purpose of providing local authorities with a high-level advice and assistance, full-service offering, combining four complementary professional service providers :

  • Legal and tax
  • Financial
  • Marketing and commercial strategy
  • Technical expertise and investment planning


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its platform LexFormation.

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