Construction and public works

LexCase’s public law team has acquired expertise specific to construction and public works. Its approach is both technical and operational in supporting public works projects for its public and private-sector clients, whether in litigation or through its consulting and lobbying services.

Our lawyers provide services on a regular basis to public sector contractors (local and national authorities) and private-sector construction businesses for contract negotiations and the enforcement of public works contracts, ensuring the success of their projects.

Thanks to its extensive expertise in public law and general conditions of contract for public works, our team can support our clients on a daily basis at every stage of their projects with the legal management of their public works projects, from the drafting and signing of project contracts to the enforcement and completion of operations.

  • Contracting for public works contracts:
    • Contract engineering for public works and public land development projects
    • Implementation and monitoring of public works contracting processes on behalf of project owners
    • Follow-up of complex public works contracting processes
    • Requests for administrative documents related to contracting procedures
  • Litigation relative to public works contracts:
    • Recourse during the contracting phase
    • Recourse during the contractual enforcement phase
    • Preemptive remedies
  • Enforcement of public works contracts:
    • Relations with businesses in the framework of work execution
    • Insurance schemes
    • Settlement agreements regarding the performance of public works
    • Training on public works contracts


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.

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