Luxury, hotel and travel industry department

LexCase shares its expertise with businesses operating in the luxury sector. The firm offers targeted, high added-value services that cover every issue specific to their sector.

LexCase provides expertise in the fields of:

  • The protection of designs and creative works, as well as the safeguarding of rights
  • User rights: licensing agreements, transfer and sales agreements, etc.
  • “Traditional” distribution of luxury products, in particular franchises, selective distribution and trademark licenses
  • Internet sales
  • Communication activities: validation of advertising campaigns and promotions
  • Contractual relations with all the parties involved (photographers, models, designers, suppliers, etc.)

LexCase also manages related litigation (trademark, design and model infringements; unfair competition; prejudice to image, etc.).


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.

Luxury, hotel and travel industry department Sector Manager(s)