International mobility

In today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment, LexCase provides services to foreign businesses and employees for all issues related to international mobility, expatriation and the secondment of foreign employees to France.

Our team is specialized in the management of all types of administrative authorization procedures relative to the mobility of foreign labor with French immigration authorities (consulates and the OFFI, the French office for immigration and integration, and the police prefectures).

  • Administrative management of French residence permit applications for foreign employees
  • Consulting services for businesses relative to their immigration projects for business purposes/audits of practices and analysis of projects to move employees to France
  • Determination, in collaboration with our clients, of a tailored strategy regarding professional immigration
  • Legal and administrative support throughout the immigration process or the secondment of foreign employees to France: the “talent passport”, intra-group mobility, expatriation of foreign employees to France, secondment of foreign employees, change in status, formalities for the employee’s family and family reunification for foreign employees
  • Follow-up of approval procedures with the French Consulate in the foreign country
  • Training on new rules governing immigration and the applicable regulations
  • Consulting and assistance regarding international taxation for foreign executives expatriated to France


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its platform LexFormation.