Video games

LexCase has worked in the video games sector for many years and has acquired recognized expertise in the management of legal issues facing this sector.

  • We negotiate and draft all the various contracts the operators in the video game sector may encounter (acquisition of content; development, publishing, licensing and distribution agreements;
  • erchandising and partnership agreements; EULAs, etc.)
  • We validate promotional activities, packaging, title matters and anything that may relate to intellectual property or create a conflict with prior intellectual property rights
  • We draft opinions and factsheets on specific issues affecting sector operators (the legal status of video games, music, loot boxes, etc.)
  • We assist and represent our clients in litigation relative to infringements of rights, unfair competition and contractual breaches


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its LexFormation platform.

Video games Sector Manager(s)