Postal services

The liberalization of the postal services sector, which is currently near completion, has resulted in recurring questions regarding competition and regulatory obligations. LexCase’s extensive knowledge of this sector is a major asset for your company in resolving these issues.

Our extensive expertise in this sector covers all of the applicable regulations:

  • Liberalization directives and laws
  • Specific obligations, limits to certain pricing practices, the non-discrimination principle, access to certain activities being subject to a prior authorization system
  • Operators
  • Specific constraints (public postal services)
  • Proceedings before the regulator and appeals of decisions rendered

LexCase is recognized by the ARCEP (the French postal and electronic communications authority) as an expert in liberalization matters (obligations, recurring issues, declaration procedures, sanction proceedings and dispute settlement).

LexCase is therefore able to assist operators in deploying their projects, with potential litigation and in their relations with the regulatory authority.


LexCase also regularly organizes training on these topics on its platform LexFormation.

Postal services Sector Manager(s)